Tame the Internet.

The internet is vast, chaotic and expanding exponentially. It's not the same from one day to the next, or even one hour to the next. How can you find the answers you need with pinpoint accuracy in this untraversable, shapeshifting landscape?

NeuralMetrics uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to monitor the web footprint of your prospects and customers - to identify key signals, risks, challenges and facts associated with those companies. These query results lead to better decision making and improved outcomes for your business.

Now it is possible to extract deep knowledge about companies and individuals from the internet in just seconds, resulting in more reliable, actionable data. This publicly available data is synthesized from thousands of sources and thousands of data points, leading to measurable improvements that significantly impact your bottom line.

On demand. In real time. At your fingertips.

Volume in...Value Out

Volume In... Value Out

How it Works
  • Acquire

    Diving into chaos.

    SmartRatioTM amasses relevant publicly available unstructured data from a company's web presence.

  • Engineer

    Cognitive prowess.

    Scalable, applied analytics engines coalesce volumes of data sources to create the data sets you're looking for.

  • Produce

    Alternative knowledge.

    Curated data sets for specific use cases, target your specific objectives, beyond traditional boundaries.


SmartRatio/NeuralInsight is the Alternative Data Engine
A faster, superior, more cost-effective approach to data. Here's how we do it:
  • Speed


    We work with your team to determine your specific needs.

  • Speed


    Then we configure our algorithms to target your objectives

  • Speed


    Once query parameters are ready, we start testing with you.

  • Speed


    Finally, we assist with integrating into your existing systems.

Platforms and Interface

SmartRatio interface is available in two formats: API and SaaS.
Choose what's right for you.

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