In today’s complex and ever-changing business environment, you can no longer rely on traditional data sources alone. Data provided by customers, brokers, credit bureaus and vendors simply do not give you the complete picture.

You need access to information that is often hidden in the labyrinth of unstructured publicly-available data on the web. Finding and extracting this valuable information has been time consuming, difficult and costly...until now.

P&C Insurance

NeuralMetrics is transforming the insurance industry.

Our proprietary AI engines:

  • qualify leads and generate lists
  • classify businesses into industry and business segments based on the data
  • answer most of the underwriting questions about the business
  • look for signals about businesses on an ongoing basis


Automate the collection of facts, streamline new customer onboarding, ask fewer questions, quote faster and more accurately, and improve overall customer experience.

  • Improve time to first value and customer desired outcomes
  • Improve accuracy and classifcation
  • Beneft from real time validation of information
  • Employ targeted, accurate risk analysis and pricing
  • Improve monitoring of ongoing asset performance.

Optimize Risk Appetite with Neuralign

Improve efficiency and underwriting discipline while minimizing misaligned risks. Neuralign delivers automated, accurate classification and risk evaluation to your teams, aligning opportunities and renewals with your risk appetite, and improving metrics for quick declines, number of quotes, and hit ratios. Neuralign can be run on an entire book of business, uncovering challenging risks without laborious file reviews, resulting in greater value for your customers.

  • No IT integration required
  • No need to share sensitive data
  • Output formatted for instant action
  • Expert process support for actionable results

Underwriting Assistance

Convert raw data into usable assets. Remove uncertainties and assess risk accurately by knowing your customer's business activities and operations precisely and thoroughly, resulting in a healthier book of business. Experience a major shift in underwriting from manual assessments to full automation.

  • Realize more accurate classifcation
  • Reliably scale unstructured and inconsistent data
  • Utilize social scoring
  • Improve underwriting accuracy
  • Identify risks in real-time
  • Track business continuity and health indicators

Portfolio Monitoring and Market Intelligence

Monitor the health of your book of business in real-time by automating ongoing market research. Identify risk events and selling opportunities. Target small and micro business segments and standardize information in real-time. Get a unifed view into customer portfolios or potential investments.

  • Automate and improve prospect and portfolio monitoring
  • Capitalize on predictive opportunities
  • Improve servicing and renewals
  • Evolve continuous underwriting in real-time
  • Find cross-sell and up-sell signals
  • Acquire market intelligence and investment analysis

Put the power of AI and machine learning to work for your company now.

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