SmartRatio increases Gross Written Premium by decreasing Expense Ratio, Submission Time, and Cycle Time.


Expand Your Insights

Access to hundreds industry-specific questions curated by our data scientists and underwriting experts.

Does the restaurant have a seating capacity above 300?
Does the insured perform off-premises catering?
Is the insured open 24 hours a day?

Customize Your Questions

Close underwriting gaps with customized questions that we refine and implement together within 2 weeks.


Bind Quotes Faster

Run submissions for bindable quoting in less than 10 seconds.


Industry Classification

  • Classification system that leverages today’s most advanced technology that delivers highly accurately classification (NAICS, SIC and line of business codes (WC, ISO GL)).

  • Classification models built, validated and in production that covers approximately 90% NAICS codes.

  • Accuracy ratio provided and transparency in source data behind the prediction.

Risk Insights

Answers to your most pressing underwriting questions- delivered in seconds from real-time data.

  • Hundreds of application question models built and in production.

  • Ability to build customize application models within 2 weeks.


Our Numbers Don’t Lie

We built user feedback loops into our core technology to continuously improve accuracy and speed. We also tested over 1 million submissions before broad deployment with top global carriers.

93 %

Hit rate for businesses online, including businesses with < 5 employees

90 %

Accuracy in 10 seconds or less with just name and address


Weeks to integrate and implement into current systems.