Data Beyond Boundaries

Precise, powerful, actionable data is now possible in real-time.

Using data from the web is daunting and ever-changing. Our ability to tame this alternative data using our proprietary AI-driven data solution gives you unrivaled market advantage. Understand your problem. Understand your data. And the rest will follow. Let us show you how.

Volume In... Value Out
  • Speed

    Save Time

    The answers you need
    in seconds.

  • Conserve

    Conserve Resources

    We deliver in real time what used to take entire departments days or weeks.

  • Reliability

    More Reliable Data

    Our algorithms extract precisely the data you need from
    the chaos of the web.

Discover How

A monumental shift is underway, from traditional and manual data acquisition to a new AI-driven process.


This sea change is forever transforming the way business is done. Early adoption is crucial to ensure market position and competitive advantage.

NeuralMetrics puts unprecedented power at your fingertips

We provide the tools to sift through vast quantities of publicly available unstructured data. This real-time, ongoing access to previously hard to capture data about customers and prospects will enhance decision making and boost bottom line performance. We are at the vanguard of this technological shift and we'll guide you through the process of seamlessly integrating this game-changing alternative knowledge with your existing systems. Our extensive experience in the insurance, banking and financial services industries makes us the ideal choice to partner with you.

  • Let us show you
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  • We'll prepare a detailed proposal tailored to your objectives.
  • Together we'll
    harness the power of data for your company.
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