NeuralMetrics comes from neuro metrics, the science of measuring brain and nervous system electrical activity. The great American logician and philosopher, Charles Sanders Pierce, originated neuro metrics in the form of “existential graphs” in the 1880s.

NeuralMetrics is named for the symbiotic relationship between AI and neuroscience. Neuroscience is the inspiration behind AI software designed to emulate human intelligence and human neural networks.



A technical organization capable of building/delivering innovative products that deliver valuable facts about companies and other entities and disrupt the market status quo.

Our Values


Data never sleeps. Neither do we.

We are a tightknit, globally distributed team of data scientists, engineers, and insurance professionals. We don’t have “customers”; we have partners. No matter when you need us, someone is up to help.

Dharmendra Vasant


Built FOXE – a foreign exchange solution and sold it to Reuters which is still used today Strategic planner in leading, directing, advancing several startups – his last venture was a highly successful 1000+ people technology services company with several Fortune 500 clients​.

Prakash Vasant

Chief Executive Officer

Prakash a seasoned operational executive comes with a proven track record of delivery for customers in the Middle East, Europe and the USA. He is a visionary entrepreneur, driving the company’s customer-centric product strategy. ​

Marcus Daley

Technical Co-Founder

Marcus has more than 20 years of experience in technology management and has set up several analytics and large-scale, international technology operations in Asia, Eastern Europe and South America. He has excelled at growing small startups and transforming the technology behind fortune 500 companies like S&P Global, Microsoft and Intel. Marcus is based in the US.​
Sathish is the CTO of NeuralMetrics. He is responsible for the SmartRatio and MarketEdge product lines of NeuralMetrics. Sathish brings a wealth of experience in working with startups and Fortune 500 companies in launching new products. He has been involved with NeuralMetrics from ideation to launch.​

Sathish Kumar Manimuthu

Chief Technology Officer

Holding leadership roles at companies like Zurich, AIG and Markel, Mark has developed a deep domain expertise in virtually every aspect of the P&C (re)insurance value chain. In the last 5 years, Mark has leveraged this expertise and emerging technology to drive innovation in insurance.​

Mark Gardella

Insurance Lead & Senior Advisor